More Than Meets The Eye, single by Bill Abernathy. Wow. Country/Americana singer Abernathy delivers a straightforward, powerful message with the power of native American drum patterns and clear thinking about where our society is going. His music grabs our muscles, his message is exactly what we need to hear – clear, concise, and more sophisticated than the BS delivered daily by the political and media elites driving our future.” - Vents Magazine

Patrick O’Heffernan

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#1 charting americana/roots singer-songwriter Bill Abernathy has released a new politically charged single, “More Than Meets The Eye.”” - MTS Management

Michael Stover

More Than Meets The Eye

Bill Abernathy

So other than the social commentary, the cultural statements, the political drama, and the discussion on our lovely biased divisive “news” cycles, More Than Meets the Eye is a hell of a lot of fun to play. Anytime you get to sing “Mental Masturbation that Propagates Agendas” as a true statement in a song, it’s never a bad time. lol

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More Than Meets the Eye Press

When it comes to rock and roll and Americana music, Abernathy has the competition beat. “More Than Meets The Eye” has the audacity to take on the establishment and it wins.” - Michael Rand