Hello everyone, thanks for dropping by my site

I'm Bill Abernathy, and I'm here to share a bit about my journey with you all.

Life has been quite the adventure, filled with twists and turns both in the music world and beyond. From humble beginnings, I've always felt the urge to push boundaries and challenge the norms that surround us.


In 2023, I embarked on a new chapter with the release of my album "MORE." This project holds a special place in my heart as it delves even deeper into my musical journey, inviting listeners to explore the multifaceted layers of my artistry. The hit singles from "MORE" have further cemented my place in the music world. "Hideaway" soared to the top of the iTunes Folk Rock Charts in November of 2023, capturing the hearts of listeners with its infectious energy. Meanwhile, "Call Their Name" made waves on the Independent Music Network Charts, holding the #1 spot for several weeks with its soul-stirring melodies and powerful lyrics. The title cut “More” reached #1 on both the Independent Music Top 30 Chart, as well as #1 on the National Radio Hits Adult Contemporary Charts. 


In 2017, my musical journey truly took flight with the release of my album "Find A Way." It was a moment of pure passion and dedication, marking my unique presence in the vast landscape of music. The title track, "Find A Way," captured the hearts of many, becoming a hit single that resonated deeply with listeners worldwide. "Find A Way" reached #2 on the Roots Music Pop Rock Chart in September of 2017, further solidifying its impact on the music scene and showcasing the breadth of its appeal.


And let's not forget "Goodbye Will Never Come Again," my first #1 single, topping the Roots Music Traditional Folk Song Chart in September of 2017. This song touched the souls of listeners with its poignant melody and heartfelt lyrics.

As I ventured forward, "Cry Wolf" became another pivotal moment in my career, hitting #1 in the Americana charts in March of 2019. Its powerful message and emotive delivery struck a chord with audiences, solidifying my place in the music scene.


Through it all, my music has been a bridge connecting me with listeners from all walks of life. It's humbling to know that my voice and songwriting have struck a chord with so many across the world, fostering a bond that transcends borders and cultures.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible adventure with me.

Warm regards,
Bill Abernathy

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