MORE is an album I’ve always wanted to make. As a singer songwriter I think it’s important to put my emotions, thoughts, and opinions, into my music. I think the use of different musical genres is one way to cross that bridge. On this project I use Rock and Roll, Yacht Rock, Adult Contemporary, Folk Rock, Americana, Country Rock, and Pure Acoustic styles of music. My hope is the versatility and variability within MORE opens a bit of a window into aspects of my personality, allowing me to share my thoughts the best way I know how.” - Bill Abernathy

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Bill Abernathy’s latest album, “More,” is a compelling and diverse exploration of the roots rock genre that takes listeners on a heartfelt journey through a range of emotions. Laden with personal anecdotes and a mixture of folk and rock styles, this album stands as a testament to Abernathy’s artistry and his ability to create a cohesive yet multifaceted musical experience.” - Scope

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