Step into the shoes of a small mining town on a chilling January day in 1958. Picture yourself inside a decrepit hospital, witnessing a courageous mother bringing her fourth child into the world. Meanwhile, her coal-covered husband paces anxiously in the waiting room. This is where my extraordinary journey begins. From the depths of that condemned hospital, I embarked on a rollercoaster ride of transformations and trials. And today, my songs resonate across the globe, transcending boundaries. This is my captivating tale, a testament to the power of change. Life's path is an enigma, filled with unpredictable twists and turns. We can only fathom the dreams that will blossom into reality, or the dreams that will crumble to ashes. Yet, one undeniable truth prevails—change stands before us as a formidable force. Its impact can either uplift us as a loyal ally or confront us as a fierce adversary. The choice, my friends, is ours to make.”
As a singer songwriter I think it’s important to put my emotions, thoughts, and opinions, into my music. I think the use of different musical genres is one way to cross that bridge. On this project I use Rock and Roll, Yacht Rock, Adult Contemporary, Folk Rock, Americana, Country Rock, and Pure Acoustic styles of music. My hope is the versatility and variability within my music opens a bit of a window into aspects of my personality, allowing me to share my thoughts the best way I know how.”

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