Bill Abernathy - Singer / Songwriter

Who is

Bill Abernathy?

"If you hear a song that sounds like it was written about you, it might have been".

That statement really encompasses who I am musically. I am a storyteller. My songs are all about relationships and life events that have happened to me or to those close to me. With a life time of experiences and a guitar, I enjoy sharing what I've experienced, what I have learned, and sometimes just things that make me laugh.

Live Performances

Stylistically grounded in a rustic Americana, Bill Abernathy draws heavily from the singer-songwriter tradition, incorporating rock, jazz, and the blues into a singular whole.”

Beachsloth Magazine

Abernathy is just hitting his stride as one of today’s most important voices in his genre.”

Indie Shark Magazine

In Crossing Willow Creek, listeners who are bold enough to press play on track one will find themselves right in the center of an exciting adventure through the American songbook.”

Heather Savage of Razorfish Magazine

More Bill. Less twerking. The world is ready Bill”

Red Carpet Living Magazine

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