If you want something bad enough, and you're willing to put in the blood, sweat, tears and toil, you can always FIND A WAY”

— Bob H Abernathy Sr

Original Art from Damijan Fric

FIND A WAY, the title song from my second CD, is a story about the day my father passed away. When I got the call his death was eminent, I was at work. I finished up about 10 minutes worth of work and left for the hospital.  I missed my last moments with my father by 5 minutes. 
The story of the song is about that particular day, but the message of the song is much more important. It's all about being able to find a balance in your life. I lost that balance and prioritized my time improperly that day, missing my last chance to say I love you and goodbye. I regretted that decision for many years.
At the end of the song, you hear a fully acoustic version of my Dad's favorite song.  

He always enjoyed hearing me play "The Wildwood Flower", so I added a short version of it to the outtake of the song.  It's my way to say I love you one last time to my dad. 

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