What is a House Concert?

A house concert or home concert is a musical concert or performance art that is presented in someone's home or apartment, or a nearby small private space such as a barn, apartment rec. room, lawn, or back yard.

I really enjoy doing this type show.  It gives me a opportunity to interact up close and personal with the audience, talk about the songs, and tell the real stories behind the tunes.
Here is some feedback from some of our hosts for these events

"What a unique experience - a concert in a home! I enjoyed it greatly, and was so happy to be able to finally enjoy your talent live. Would definitely recommend anyone to "Find A Way" to hear Bill play!"

The FIND A WAY tour made its way to my hometown. I attended the November 5 concert here in St Louis. FANTASTIC !! 
Bill's music touches hearts and gives so many of life's complicated issues a voice in a manner that becomes healing. 
His achievements and professional skills are reminiscent of the Dan Fogelberg era with a contemporary flair. Great music!
Great event !

We are currently booking house concerts all over the country.  If you would like to host one of these really cool and personal events, please contact me at bill@billabernathy.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.