Bill Abernathy has embarked on an exceptional journey, courageously navigating through the ebbs and flows of his musical and corporate life. Rising from humble beginnings, he has persistently pushed beyond the ordinary, challenging the status quo and dismantling long standing stereotypes.  


In 2023 Bill's new album, “More” is a captivating musical journey that navigates the rock genre with finesse and heart. Bill Abernathy’s ability to blend various styles and themes within a single album is a testament to his artistry and vision. The album offers a rich and varied listening experience that leaves a lasting impact, and it’s a must listen for fans of rock and country. 


In 2021 his deeply stirring track, "Who Are You, Who Am I," from his critically acclaimed  EP of the same name, earned him a place as a finalist for ISSA Song of the Year— an accolade that attests to his ever-evolving artistry. 


In 2019 his acclaimed album "Crossing Willow Creek," unveiled the hit "Cry Wolf," among other tracks that captivated international audiences, increasing his global reach.  


In 2017, Abernathy's musical passion ignited with the release of his album "Find A Way," indelibly inscribing his unique signature on the vast tapestry of music. His pivotal track, "Goodbye Will Never Come Again," ascended to the zenith of the Roots Music Chart, signaling the inception of a truly extraordinary musical journey. 


In 2015 Bill released his album "Changes" with his tune "Willow  Creek" claiming multiple songwriting awards.


Abernathy's music has permeated the globe, amassing staggering numbers of streams from countless devoted listeners. His authentic voice, genuine songwriting, and masterful storytelling have nurtured a long-lasting bond with his audience, carving a niche for him in the hearts of music lovers across the world.


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